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Error When Trying To Load Application
It was brought to my attention that the Windows build had a naming issue that would cause people to be unable to play the game. The error would say this: "Appli...
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Update V. 4
Hello everyone, The demo just got a new update fixing a few minor things that were noticed after the update's release on Monday. One issue was when the player w...
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Update V3!
Hello, The new update is here and ready for testing! I'll be reviewing all the playthroughs once I wake up and see who's been able to play the new update. REMIN...
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Update V2!
This update contains a fix for the zoom in feature bug. When player's used the zoom in feature on an opened door portal, it caused a issue where the portal came...
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New Update!!
Hello everyone, Promnesia has been updated! The green room had a teleporting bug that rubber-banding the player around the final door. I also resolved an issue...
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